Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the things I love blog:

I get many a question about the things I love. I decided to make a list for you:

#1-SKIN. I am a whore for skin products. takes me 15 minutes to wash my face. best advice is to always wash your face before sleep+always wear sunscreen.

-Boots glycolic acid toner.

-Kiehls spf 15 tinted lotion . I hate foundation, my skin reacts bad to foundation, boys wish you didn't wear foundation. I was shown this by an amazing makeup artist friend and have never stopped using it! its the best!

-Olay regenerate eye cream. EVERYday. promise?

-I cannot stress how bad the sun is for your skin. Really, I promise that if you spend a ton of time in the sun you will love old way before you are old. I haven't spent any time in the sun without at least spf 15 on my face in over 5 years. People usually guess my age at 24. Please take care of your skin. AND...if you HAVE to be tanned, I love a good old spraytan, yes it smells bad, but totally worth it. I love the brand mystic tan over the California tan because the color is way more natural.

#2-MAKEUP. I actually hate makeup. I just love looking gorg so I have to use it.

-MAC Iridescent powder in golden bronze.

-MAC lipglass in PURRRRR

-Josie Maran cream blush. Its the best.

#3- LASHES. Maybe it is my love for the stage but I feel naked with out my lashes on. I was NOT born with a great set so I get eyelash extension's. Every month a great woman named toni glues on these great single lashes, I never wear mascara, I never look nakedface. If you have the money, the time and the love of lashes then this is a worth while investment. I get mine done at the natural face place in LA.

#4-WORKOUT. Pilates. I cannot stress this enough. Pilates is the single best workout on the planet, a reformer machine will change your life. I have been into pilates for years. Pilates gives you results SOOO fast, in just one or two classes I am already standing up taller, looking thinner and feeling better. IF you want to change you body pilates twice a week will do it.

#5-SHOP. I actually hate to shop. Nothing ever fits me the way I want it to. I have a really long torso and am pretty much totally flat chested, but I have a big butt. Jean shopping is a nightmare. I do love buying things online and then getting to try them with the rest of my closet. (i love their new stuff)
(who doesn't love a 12.00 dress!)

I also cannot stress how awesome it is to have your clothes tailored once you buy them. I ALWAYS take my clothes to my neighbourhood tailor and make adjustments so they fit just right, i hem, take in the bust, shorten the sleeves all the time. There are not many things I wear that haven't been altered in some way to fit me perfectly. It is the only way I feel really great in my clothes.

#6-BOOKS. I love to read, I love my kindle. I also love, it is a great site where you can sell your old books for money, check it out.

#7-NAILS. Short nails are in. If you are still wearing fake nails or acrylic sets 1996 called and they want them all back. I love to get my nails cut as short as possible and then paint them weirdo colors.

I use the sally hanson blue bottle of nail regrowth serum everyday in my car. One of my rockette friends showed me this years ago and it really works to get your nails nice and strong.

#8-EYEBROW THREADING. Girls. your eyebrows are the frame to your beautiful face. Try not to fuck them up. Too thin or overplucked brows are yucky. This is why I LOVE eyebrow threading. Way better than a wax and the awesome indian women who do it tend to love a full eyebrow too. If you eyebrows wont grow in use RAPIDLASH (you can buy it on amazon) for the full 6 weeks, you will see results.

#9-MUSIC. I love music. love it. right now I am dying over atomictom, angus and julia stone, matt nathanson, wakey wakey, honeyhoney + an horse. Check them out!

#10-JEWELS! I love the one of a kind jewelry from MYOWNLITTLEUNIVERSE. Katie is the bomb and makes the coolest things from old vintage pieces she finds. Christina and I have both been rocking her stuff all over the place. She actually made me a really cool one of a kind necklace that says INFINITE. i love it. Check her out