Friday, July 2, 2010

courage. passion. hard work.

Sometimes, before things can be built up they have to be knocked down. Sometimes, too, a lot of hard dirty work has to happen before something delightful can emerge. It is sometimes though mistakes that we learn something useful.

It is scary to move into a new phase of your future, away from your established routine and old messy habits. Sometimes, for me, it feels like life is full of changes that I am not ready for.

I guess we all have to understand that all the fear, rejection, "what if's" and sleepless nights are worth putting up with because of where they will lead.

Trust that.

The things you work for, will be yours.
The ones who hurt you, will one day get hurt.
Everything you put out into the universe will come back to you.
It might seem like a ton of work now, but trust me all those ballet classes will pay off.

Courage. Passion. Hard Work.

...because sometimes, the bad parts, are sort of the most beautiful. I like a little struggle. I like some blood, sweat and tears. I feel more alive when I am dying, just a little inside. Like Odette-she's on her deathbed and still the most epic beautiful thing I have seen.