Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i met a new one and he looks just like you...

You were a hard scar to heal, my love. That was some war your fought to stay under my skin.

"i miss you" still affects me. I guess that is just the long-flowing aftermath of love. You watch the ones who promised to love you forever love someone else. Maybe they miss you. Maybe they are just selfish. Maybe they are just as happy as they are pretending. Maybe they are secretly unhappy and wish things were different. Who knows?

Love doesn't end. Love just floats around in between all the messy stuff life throws at us: people, places, situations and ego. The realization that you weren't validated by someone capable of seeing your true greatness can be hard on your heart.

I say, revel at the unfourtunate limit of their vision.

Poor them, they couldn't see just how bright of a light you were in their life and now you are busy shining for someone else.

Yay you!!! you are a total babeface with a hot career and a pair of killer legs! (or insert your three nice things about yourself...)who is SOOO cool infact that mr. matt nathanson has agreed to come onto your radio show on monday night!

I said I would love you forever. I meant I would love you until I loved someone else.