Monday, July 26, 2010

Matt Nathanson Monday.

So, It is a big, giant, exciting, shivering in my booties kind of day for me's matt nathanson day. Tonight, Matt has agreed to be interviewed live on air for my radio show...

Yesterday I got to chat with Matt and sort of lay out what we wanted to chat about in the interview. Matt said "I feel like we have been friends for years" and I wanted to say "well duh matt! we are obviously soul mates"...

What is so weird about my relationship with Matt is that, we have never met and yet, I am completely insanely madly in love with this fellow. Matt was my best friend during the events inside my heart in the last few years. There have been weeks where I only listened to his two records on repeat inside my house. Matt's voice was my cheerleader, my confidant, and my salvation for a really long time. That sounds so creepy, but I know we all have this musician in our lives. What I love about Matt's music is that he just get's it...he has the perfect tune for falling in love and the perfect tune for falling out of love.

I have been spending my free time thinking up amazing questions to ask Matt, so today on this here blog, if you have something you think I should ask...make sure to leave it in the comments

#1- do the people who direct your music videos not feel that you are a total babeface because they always have you singing in dim light or from behind or just half your face? this is not okay, get into the light matt!

#2- are you writing any song for your new record that involves an amazing cooler than cool dancer chick who might have happened to stalk you via twitter? and if so, is it a love song?

#3- what did you write little victories about?

#4- what is your phone number? can I have it?

#5- "all that I want to be in the minute that you hold me in" - this is epic. not a question.

...okay, that's all I have right now...make sure to tune in tonight at 7Pm el lay time to here me giggle, scream and be a total fangirl for my favorite artist!