Saturday, January 2, 2010

little miss. obsessive.

I spent alot of time in airports. If you see a girl that looks like this... come over and say hi. But don't spill her tea, she hates plastic lids. Please appreciate the fact that even while blogging I have spot on turnout. dancers unite!

I am off to put my partypants on at our closing night party. If you are not following my neighbour C.perri on her blog-you should. I am sharing with you her entry because it is brilliant + it makes so much sense.

"so… “its complicated.” second movie i’ve seen in a row about infidelity. yesterday it was painted with music, feather boas, and Italian charm. tonight it was portrayed with belly laughs, alcohol, and old people. both had happy endings. really? is that how it’s always supposed to go? life’s not one hundred and fifteen minutes. it doesn’t have montages and perfect makeup. i don’t quite understand how cheating can be so popular. and how excepted it is in hollywood and our homes.

i dont know about you, but i think it hurts. it still hurts. its been six years since my heart was first broken. the kind of broken that feels life threatening. its been mended with band-aids and new love along the way but it never fully healed. how can it? if hearts actually heal then that sharp pain wouldn’t come back. it wouldn’t come back when we hear their first name. it wouldn’t come back when we smell them in someone else. it wouldn’t come back when we’re sleeping and our subconscious reminds us and wakes us. it wouldn’t come back when we just think about it for a split second.

so what’s with all the fun and games about it? why make it so entertaining? i get that its “real life.” and that’s what movies are for— pretty ways of tantalizing our imaginations for a couple hours—but ouch.

our tolerance for dishonesty is gross.

our understanding and awe for the heartbreaking protagonist is grosser.

and i don’t think it’s complicated at all. "