Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is that a heartscar in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I wonder why it is that people always place such importance on a certain time frame. I always hear things like, I am not ready, I am not there yet. When did the world get filled with people who thought that there was ever going to be a good time and place?

The bottom line is that if you wait too long for the perfect moment, that moment will pass you by. There is never going to be a "good" time to do anything. You most likely will never be skinny enough, your hair won't ever be right, and your calender won't ever line up with everyone else's. The secret to life is just jumping in anyway.

These are the days of your life. We only get a precious few. So be present. Instead of living in past and revelling in the sadness, or dreaming of the future and that magical day when everything will be "okay". It's never gonna be okay.

Most likely your scars won't ever heal, instead of living inside those scars why don't you go and exist in spite of them?

My heart scars are just something I wear around every day of my life. They fit nicely in the pocket of my jacket, and sometimes I hide them under a hat. When someone hurts you, you have to refuse to let them win. They already broke your heart and now you are going to give them more of your precious short life by living in a state of emotional paralysis? That means they win. They get all of you, and all of them, and all of whoever they have moved onto and are madly in love with now, that isn't you. Why should this person get all of you? they shouldn't.

We cannot control what people do to the softest parts of us, all we can control is what we do with what we have left.

I chose love.