Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just enjoyed 48 hours at home. I got to snuggle with Hobo, hang with my mom + dad + bro and turn around a fly right back to LA for rehearsals for my first booked job in LA!

Last night my family + I got in a 3 vehicle car crash. It was night, the road were terrible. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. The crash was scary + reminded me that in an instant how much life can change, just a few inches more and my mom + would have been pancakes. I was shaken up, of course, but more than that I was impressed.

I usually give the credit to my patient, polite demeanor to my little Buddha of a mom. But last night I realized that my own father is the classiest man that ever lived. It is hard to actually put into words, but my dad is just such a good man. After the accident, the first thing he did was jump out of the car to make sure everyone was okay, it was not about blame, or cost, or ruined cars it was simply, are we all ok? When the other cars started picking a fight with my father, he stood there, calm and simply walked back to our car. He came said, all that matters is that no one got hurt, that is why we have insurance, and why it is called an “accident”. No one would wish to spend hours waiting in the freezing Canadian winter surrounded with ambulances + police men. duh.

I learned something from my Dad last night. There are two ways you can respond when life throws you a giant punch. You can kick + scream + be awful or you can stand straight, be kind, respectful and focus on the important stuff.

In my life, I have been terrible at doing this, whenever “accidents” happen I am the first to cry, the first to call for the end of the world, the first to put on my life jacket and be prepared to sink.

My dad taught me last night that a quiet demeanor, a strong reputation and a clear focus on the important things is far better than a safety net because let’s face it, in this crazy world, nothing can save us but ourselves.

and maybe our daddies.