Sunday, January 31, 2010

dances + sings

I have been running around with all sorts of negativity threatening to come spilling out of my mouth. I am having fake "in the car" conversations with people that will never happen. I am fighting the urge to call people out on their yuck. I hate this feeling. It happens to everyone though sometimes. I woke up this morning with disappointment running through my veins. I felt heavy. I knew I needed to get to a class to let it all out. There was not a class, so I made one. Thanks to the wonderful Christina Perri.

someone asked me what I think about when I dance.

I don't think.

I feel.

I feel all the things that no matter what words I used, could never be understood. I feel all the things that I say I have forgotten, but never have. I feel the feeling of being so let down, again. I feel what 3 years of blogging, 53,867 words in a book, and a journal pasted back and forth between me + my best for ten years might never be able to explain.

I am a very complicated species.