Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lady Danger double so sexy.

I made it!

My husband Adam is the cutest!

The A-team cast.

When I was a little girl all I wanted to be was a Radio City Rockette. I never dreamed that my dream job would become such a defining subject in my life. For all the hardships, broken bodies, long hours, travels logged, and pure exaustion- it is still the best thing in my life. These people are my best friends, I have made more memories this year than I can handle. Thanks to the Radio City A-team 2.0 for a truly spectacular season. We did it- 31 cities over 140 shows! I am so proud of everyone.

I will never forget:

-The time I got bedbugs + took benadryl for the itchies and fell asleep on the shine stairs during rehearsal
-The great flood of the Hershey Arena
-My awesome accent.
-Lady danger.
-the leg catch turn.
-All of chances children.
-The ragdoll theme day for Tandi Iman Dupree.
-"put your romper on shu, we are going to target"
-Having my brother see me dance, finally.
-Toronto and the most magical night ever with D. I was infinite.
-Alana Boyd, my dresser, who I knew for one show, leaving me love advice on my mirror.
-the reindeer prance
-My reindeer boots, with their tounge out make the sound AHHHHHHHH.
-Dancing beside the amazingness that is Shoppe.
-The dave cave, in every city.
-Mole shows!

I wish that everyone, no matter what their dream is, one day gets the chance to have it come true. I encourage everyone to look at the big picture and the end goal. It is easy to get off course, or distracted. It is easy to see a massive audition with 600 girls and get scared and not go in, but, they have to pick someone, and that someone could be you!

never. never. never give up.