Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My xmas list:

First of all, I am super happy that it is finally December- finally the world has caught up with me in the Christmas Department. very good news.

I will be spending Christmas eve traveling on a bus, and the morning at a hotel in Orlando. I was hoping that all of you could help me make my day a little better. I recently decided to take a small break from New York City and go spend a few months on the beach. The thought of struggling through winter gives me hives-I want, and I need to take some time for myself, without the pressure of it all, to just live, "participate" like Charlie would say. I have never done this. Since Aug. of 2008 I have taken 6 days off. Six. Six. Only Six. That is not okay, and most likely the reason I am losing my mind.

Anyways, after living on the road and in random apartments for so long the thought of actually getting to have a home is overwhelmingly wonderful. This is where I need your help. I have been dreaming of having a delicious photo wall like these. I want one side of my entire room to just be frames of all sizes, shapes, colors, filled with beautiful photos, prints, postcards, sheet music, playbills, drawings anything. You guys know me better that any one else so for XMAS I would love for you to mail me anything you can make, find, create that you think would work. I have already recieved some amazing photography and drawings that will be up there for sure.

Here is the address of my company's PO box in queens, if you feel like it, and feel creative send something along, it will make my xmas better than anything!

Keltie Colleen/CO Alinta
40-15 30th ave. Box 114
Astoria, NY

In addition:

-I am super thrilled that Dance-Teacher Magazine for featuring my DVD inside it's gift guide this month! Super cute little write up!

-My cute little hometown newspaper interviewed me- I talked about you.