Tuesday, December 29, 2009

get dirty.

My bestie Spagatti is very far away and I haven't spoken to him for over 2 weeks. I think in the course of our lifelong friendship this is the longest we have gone. I get to see him next week, but it is not soon enough.

I decided to write him old school email format and I ended up venting on and on about change and how much I hate it, and how I seemingly get myself into situations far more often than I should that involve massive life changes.

Change is really scary. I guess this is why people tend to buy houses and live in them for years, or get apartments and stay in the same city for more than say, 5 months. In my adult life I have had 8 apartments in 4 different cities, not to mention all the hotel rooms in between.

I have made some tough choices but I can already feel my inner self's muscles getting bigger. What is stopping me from jumping in head first to both the west +east coasts dance scene? only me. I refuse to ever stand in my own way, and so even though the next few weeks will be stressful I am so excited to set up my new home (I can see the Hollywood sign from my window). I am excited to do my thing based out of a city that is a way shorter plane ride up to see my momma.

I guess my point is: whatever you want to do in life, it is yours to have. You can move, move back, or fly away anytime you want. It is usually tricky, scary and stressful and it is usually the very best thing you can do for yourself. Take the chance. Always. The universe will always help you find your way, but you can never expect it to do the hard work for you. Unfortunately for us, our dream lives don't come wrapped in fancy paper under the Xmas tree, we have to go out there and create them.

What are you creating?

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