Wednesday, December 16, 2009

give me all of that love stuff, yeah.

every have one of those days where one of your besties writes a hit song and you are so excited you skip down the hallway?

There are only a few times I have gotten that gut wrenching feeling which is a delicious mix of goosebumps and the future and spicy Cajun sauce in my veins..

-10 years old dancing in my crappy studio in a jazz group to "in the name of love"
-hearing "hiding under water" by Beth Hart for the first time
-Walking out of my very first Disney Audition, after getting cut, being high as hell on adrenaline.
-anytime I land in an airport and the object of my affection is on the ground in whatever city I just landed in
-Paris, in general, but mostly at night.
-hearing Ryan play Northern Downpour for me, solo on the guitar on his bed in Vegas the night after he wrote it. Where did that song go? It was too amazing.
-the first time I did 5 turns clean.
-VMAS on the street on Manhattan, for sure.

And now...this...

She makes me feel Infinite.