Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rhythmically advanced.

Please forgive me for my lack of entries. It's been a busy little time here in rehearsal. I have often found myself waking up cuddling with my laptop having fallen asleep writing the night before. Between designing for my fall collection with Sugar + Bruno, finishing my book, cheering along my labelmate Chelsie on Dancing with the Stars every Monday and Tuesday, Dancing 6 hours a day, skyping with Hobo, knitting myself a dance sleeve, mailing out cuffs, drinking tea and getting very distracted this weekend with wonderfulness I have really been a bore. I am having a blast and every once and a while it is a great thing to just shut off the interwebs and actually live. Try it. It is delicious!

Tonight is my last night in Myrtle Turtle and tomorrow the cast flies to Hershey, PA to begin our grueling 10 hour tech days. It will be weeks before I see the sun again (sigh). I wanted to share this little video I made for my cast and give you an inside look into what it is like for me everyday. As bad as the bad days are, the good ones outshine them in every way. Note: I like sleeping. Alot. I don't get dolled up for rehearsals. I really should have thought about this prior to filming but if I have to leave at 9 am I like to sleep until 8:45 or 8:55. Sleep matters. I learned this when this weekend I stayed up till 5 am to make an airport drop off and only got 3 hours of sleep + followed that up with 7 hours of rehearsal. It was totally worth it at the time, but the next day during the never ending kick lines I really wished I was a little less snuggles and a little more sleeper.

Sometimes in life we do not get to choose our families. When you spend as much time out on the road as I do, my casts fill in for best friends, families and support. Through this amazing job I have made some of my best friends, year after year we meet up, and the situations surrounding us change, someone always gets married, someone always gets engaged, someone always chops all their hair off, but the love between us is always there. It has been an amazing time for me, because seeing all these beauties who supported me and loved me and went out of their way, from across the country to take good care of me in my dark moments of the year makes me realize what really matters in life. Driving in the car to rehearsals sharing the flip side with them and basking in the glow of my extreme happiness is not so bad either...

My friend Kesha once said to me, "How you spend your days, is of course, how you spend your life." I really believe that. Life is not ment to be saved for a rainy day, it is happening right now, right in front of you. This show doesn't start the night we open (novemeber 9th!) it started the day we all put on our tappity-taps and started kicking.