Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ten amazing things about my mom:

1-Since I can remember she has told me that I am the best and the prettiest.
2-She taught Hobo how to watch baseball.
3-She is really good at picking out perfect cards and sending them my way.
4-She is so hot that all the boys at the pools in Vegas hit on her.
5-She is completely selfless.
6-She has kick ass scene hair.
7-She loves the Buddha. My dad calls her Buddha babe.
8-Mom always rocks a sensible heel.
9-She has always supported me 30065% in everything I do. Even the things that turned out to be total fall on my face mistakes.
10-She loves to read and taught me how.
11-She constantly reminds me that "tomorrow" has only ONE "M" in it. Thanks mom!

*Be sweet to your family. You only have one. There are a million things that might seem like they are more important, but they are not.