Sunday, October 11, 2009

I've run out of complicated theories now I'm taking back my words and I'm preparing for the breakdown

(I found this video of my friend Ben Susak by accident online, it terrible quality and I think it makes it even better. I think Ben is so brilliant, he moves like honey.)

Time travel is not an option. But if it was I think it would be an interesting experiment to take two people and drop them a year later and see what would happen. The cycle of life allows us to exist inside of very special times and places with a cast of characters, we then create memories, both good and bad. What would happen if you took those same two people and dropped them together now? Would they fit together like they once did? Could they have changed so much that neither one even recognizes the other one? It all seemed so perfect then, but looking back, it was because it was then. I cannot ever go back, so I choose to move forward. Reinvent.

I don't miss you now. I miss you then.