Saturday, March 13, 2010

you lied to me, cause I asked you to.

I think this is my #1 favorite song of all time. I have been crushing on bono since 8th grade.

this song feels restless to me. i feel restless. it is one of those days where i hate everything about myself. i hate my stupid zooey knockoff haircut. i hate my freckles. i hate my stupid bubble butt. i hate all my clothes. i hate my face. i hate my room. i hate this city. i hate this tea. i hate this computer. i hate this blog.

this is totally normal for me though, if I sit down anywhere long enough, or when i tend to get what i want, i find a way to make sure it isn't what i want anymore. i want a new face. a new city. a new room. a new life.

i wish there was a way to control this my restless nature.
i am hoping that today bono and a delicious sha-la-la might be able to help.