Wednesday, March 3, 2010

plant a seed.

today I had a much needed day off. seems the whirlwind life has taken full hold of my days and i barely stop for breath. that is the way i like it though.

there were a gazillion things on my plate for today, a super long to do list and i threw it in the trash and decided instead to get my butt into Toyko's contemporary class.

i will just never get over dancing. to me, dancing is like feeding a part of my soul that I cannot fill with anything else. it is my way of hugging my soul + giving myself a nice big delicious gulp of conscious. it brings me down the earth. it makes me feel graceful and totally worthless at the same time. it doesn't matter how big the jobs i book are, or how famous the celebs i get to work for are- the most important thing i do in dance is for myself. i could care less if anyone ever sees it. i feel it. that is all that matters.

you are a gorgeously special creature, make sure to take the time everyday to plant something special in the garden of your soul. we all forget to do that. we shouldn't.