Friday, March 5, 2010

nice is the new black.

I learned a giant life lessons from a beautiful 16 year old girl yesterday.

nice people, they do win. we were on set for 12 hours yesterday. I had on 2 sweaters, a scarf, pants and boots and was freezing. beautiful girl had on a summer dress. I was with her for 12 hours straight and she was gracious, kind, never once complained, said please + thank you every time. this girl is in a position where she could be a diva, she's a huge tv star, the face of a major cosmetics line, and now, about to release her debut record (ps. her voice is AMAZING, she sang live in EVERY take).

I guess it just reminded me that, in this world where we see so many of the 'uglies' get ahead that there is a place where the universe is rewarding the people who act well. so be kind, be better, be gracious, be mindful.

the only time it doesn't hurt to be talked about behind your back is when everyone is saying good things.

a special thanks to Alan Ferguson for always seeing me as more than what everyone else saw me as. xo.