Sunday, March 28, 2010

fine, i miss you, but that doesn't change a thing.

someone sent me this photo of them, their mantra cuff + radio city. love.

I love new york. I love the way it makes me feel. I love the way that, even though, the city belongs to everyone else- I feel like it is mine. I feel like, whenever anyone comes here, or lives here, or talks about it here, that pieces of the city belong only to me. Los Angeles is filled with beautiful people, tons of auditions, fancy cars and sunshine. It is a place where you can smell success in the air. You can see the sons + daughters of famous Hollywood types standing in line at the next big cool spot to be, hoping that some of their fathers fame will trickle down to them- I see twenty year olds driving cars that cost more money that I made my first 5 years living in nyc. It is just different. Success in LA means money and beauty. Success in NYC means an apartments without cockroaches and a subway track without delay.

I have lists and lists of things I miss and things I regret.
I will file my breakup with new york city under both.