Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today is the day of rebirth. Today is a day of forgiveness.

This means a million different things. To me, It is a day where I can reflect on all the mistakes I have made in the past year, the things I have learned from them, and then I give myself a giant hug. I forgive myself for all my mistakes and I reflect on what I will try to do this year differently. To me, life isn't about the rights or the wrongs, but about the lessons learned. To me, the intent behind an action is far more important than the actual outcome.

Are you doing something (like sending me harassing photos) simply to be malicious and hurt my feelings? Because you win. White flag people. I get it, you think everything I say is something to make fun of- but see, my INTENT was not that. My intent was to share a story of a young woman, who is both totally lost and totally found, and to invite other women into a world that you do not see on MTV reality shows. My intent is to make people think, to make people sing, dance and sometimes to make people cry. To show that love is delicious, love is painful, and to just keep going. My intent is to spread peace, love and understanding. My intent was to meet a group of people who are like-minded.

I invite everyone to rethink their own INTENT today.

If today is a day of forgiveness.
I forgive you.

If today is a day of rebirth.
What parts of you do you wish to change?