Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here I am inside this months Dance Spirit Magazine speaking about heart. I am glad that this is the quote that they used. I am sure that I talked the Editor Kate Lydon's ear off for a good hour on the subject.

What I wish I could make everyone see is that- following your dreams has very little to do with talent. It has much more to do with being a fighter, relentless in your dedication, and focused. I heard someone say once "that I should stop talking about hard work because I got handed everything on a silver platter". I wish that were true. The real bottom line is that I have worked tooth and nail for almost 10 years on this career, that only in the last few years has really loved me back. I attended 7 auditions last week, 4 so far in the last 2 days, along with dance classes, tv classes, and 3 rehearsal days. I book one out of every 20 jobs I go in for. I walk around feeling pretty terrible about myself most days. There are a hundred dancers better than me, and a hundred worse.

But, I love dancing. I love my place in the universe. I love this life even when it doesn't love me back. I am so happy, each and everyday that I decided ten years ago to move to new york with 500 bucks in my pocket. My mom is a school teacher and my dad owns a mechanic shop in my town. I don't have famous dancer parents, or come from a Hollywood royalty family. I made this life for myself.

and you can to.

you just gotta have heart.

miles and miles and miles of heart.

(and now I will scream loudly and squeamishly that I am included in the same color box as MIA! AHHHHHHHH)