Thursday, April 22, 2010

backstage bandit.

yay. we have our very own website!

personally i think they got the "backstage photo" part really wrong. I don't know about you guys, but I do not sit around in my shine costume ..?

i am running like hell in some freezing arena barely making it into my shine costume before the stairs move (or don't move. wah. wah). Backstage in Radio City land involves someone being naked and running around/ possibly lighting her nipples on fire. it involves someone talking about sex (me) some talking about camel toe (guilty!) someone talking about there upcoming wedding. someone trying to conceal their preggers belly. Backstage there is that tech guy wearing his "i kill emo dudes" tshirt (i love that guy). Backstage there is hot leader women wearing headsets and carrying clipboards of notes. (insert my name, MANY TIMES, on clipboard) backstage there is the other hot tech dude who I might, want to, will prob. at some point e-stalk/fb stalk/makeout with. gawd. he is so hot. backstage someone is wearing a onesie. someone is losing a lash. someone is held together by tape either on a costume, or an ankle. if you live on the arena tour someone might be wearing a linda wig (ahem steph dolph). backstage there are towels, why? because we sweat. Why? because its HARD ASS work. Why? because it's 90 minutes straight of dancing! because there is a tap number and its 12 minutes long WITH TWO reprises! TWO!

so this is what it really looks like: