Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i hate.

did you ever stop to think that maybe I am 1000% happier too?

just imagine for one moment that the world wasn't one big competition who is happier than who, who is prettier than who and who is more talented than who?

what if we just loved freely and gave everyone the chance to be the very best that they can be- at whatever it is that they love the most?

I like this idea.

Sometimes it depresses me to think that when someone wins that someone else has to lose. Why? Why cannot we all find our little corners of the world where we belong, where we feel our best, where we love our best, where we give our best hugs. Follow me there.

Maybe you think that because I am alone that I am lonely. I am not. I am whole. So you can try to sensationalize this story into something relevant but the bottom line is, no one has to lose if everyone has love in their heart. Quit the negative shit. I doesn't look good on you.