Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There are two things I hate about getting older

1) that my hips hurt constantly and grand plies are pretty much torture.

2) that the older I get the more I become the collection of all my memories, I feel like many years ago I was so free spirited and hungry for life. Every year I can feel my skin getting a little thicker and my caution flag waving a little higher. Maybe all these relationships I was in are over but I still carry pieces of them, and those guys everywhere I go. You cannot love someone deeply without them affecting the way you look at love for the rest of your life. So, yes it might be over- but it is never really over. You just learn to live in spite of those memories. When you meet someone new it becomes you and all your layers of love-lost and them and their matching set. I think if we were ever able to really start fresh it would be much easier to dive into a relationship with someone if when you looked into their eyes you didn't see the eyes of everyone else you have ever given your heart to.