Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sometimes we get so far away from what we really are. It is so good to just come down to earth and realise that we...are the lucky ones.

The whole world has been crashing at my feet lately. I know the reason that this crash feel so paralysing and overwhelming is because I get to live my life soaring so high up that when I crash, I have a very long, scary way to fall down.

every night I go to bed feeling completely and utterly hopeless.

every morning, even though I do not want to, I wake up and keep pushing through, because when you are down, down so low, the only way to really go is up.

and in the end, there are a hundred people who have it worse than you, there are a hundred who have it better.

You cannot want it all, AND have it all. Even though it sounds really nice in theory.