Monday, February 22, 2010

busy as a bee- happy as a clam.

This has been an amazing week. It started with the Sugar and Bruno Spring Photo shoot in Venice with Lacey + Chelsie. We got wacky at the end of the day + this happened.

Then I got to head to NYC and teach some super fun classes:

Today I had my fitting for my nationwide ad that I shoot this week, I love stylists. I have some super cute outfits. I also got 4 big fat giant No's from literary agents from my book. I seriously am doubting if it will ever get published, that makes me very sad. I like to look at giant NO'S as a positive though, I think you have to collect a whole box of No's before you ever get your yes. So, I will keep going.

Today I got two very sweet messages from two very different people:

1) you're the best person I have ever met.

2) you're the best thing that ever happened to me.

these are such similar statements aren't they? The only difference is that one of them comes from someone who constantly takes me for granted, dragged me through the mud and lied to my face over and over again. One of them comes from someone who calls when they say they will, tells me I am important, special, beautiful more times a day than I can count. One of these people had no idea what they had or what they lost, and with messages like this, I can only assume realized much to late. On the other hand, the other one proves to me on a daily basis that he is well aware of how lucky he is to have me.

My point tonight is that, we get defined in life not by what we say, but what we do. It is so easy to make promises, it is really hard to keep them. It is really easy to say you want to be a good person, but it takes effort to actually be good. It is easy to say you adore someone, but it is magical when you actually adore someone. I think it is important that everyone realize that it is really easy to talk about who you are, but it is this whole other battle to actually be that person.

I have learned, this year more than ever to not listen so much to what people say to me, but what their actions say. Someone who adores you, will simply, make it very clear that they ADORE you. You deserve to be adored.

Don't settle for less. I won't.