Friday, February 26, 2010

living the dream

someone once told me output equals input. they were really smart. life is me preparing for an easter egg hunt. I have been placing these little egg gems all over, in my relationships with people, in my work, with my friends, with my own courage and determination all over the place for years. I feel like so far in the ten, my entire life has revolved around running around and picking them all up. So many things are coming together. All my eggs are in a basket, so to speak. I am skipping along with my basket and my giant smile. It feels amazing.

It just reminds me that if you take the time to be kind to people, go that extra mile for them, and do good work- that you will be remembered for that.

A while back I was up to choreograph a music video for a pretty small artist. I was recommended for the job by a friend, I spent a bunch of hours hashing out ideas, casting dancers, and talking to directors and producers on the phone. In the end, the record label and artist went with a different choreographer. I was disappointed but I reached out to the people involved and thanked them for the opportunity and that I wished them the best of luck on the project.

Today I heard from those people again, they had remembered my kindness and had me in mind for a much bigger, cooler artist. Needless to say, this week in going to be really cool.

Bottom line is that, a no isn't always a no. just because someone doesn't hire you right now, it doesn't mean you are not super talented or in demand, it just means the timing isn't right. At some point you have to realize that it isn't about you-

I really believe the best thing we can all do it just keep putting ourselves out there. The bad thing about putting yourself out there is that you are putting yourself in the direct line of fire for a whole lot of no's, but the delicious thing is that you are also putting yourself in the magical place to live the life of your dreams.

in the span of 10 days: master classes, nationwide print ad, 2700 dance competition entries, one music video, jack johnson + carey brothers.

I am less than talented, less than pretty, less than perfect.

Anyone can do this.

You can do it.

I believe in you.

think of all the wonderful things you could create if you were not afraid to try.