Saturday, February 13, 2010

the subway in hong kong smelled awful + there was a magic mirror in brussels+but the moon in madrid stole my heart.

sorry you wanted to live a boring life lived with safe choices, well thought out plans and the best possible decisions. sorry you wanted to never ever take giant leaps of faith, laugh without abandon or kiss so hard that you lost your breath. sorry you didn't spend your life travelling the world, seeing the most beautiful things on earth and dipping your toes in all the seas. sorry you fucked someone else on my birthday. sorry you didn't love me when you had the chance. sorry you forgot to say thank you. sorry that you waited so long. sorry you didn't see me when you had the chance, because I won't give you another. sorry you were too lame to pick up that book. sorry that you only speak one language, and it's the language of boring. sorry you didn't spin me. sorry you picked her. sorry you picked that. sorry you made all the right choices all the time. sorry you were so afraid of making a mistake that you made nothing. sorry you thought that special people made you special. sorry you sat still. sorry you wanted normal. sorry.

i only feel so much because i chose to live, so much. full, the fuck, out.

i'm not sorry.