Thursday, February 18, 2010


So first a sneak peak at one of my new Sugar and Bruno items. This is the "blogger" tunic. This is the first time Sugar and Bruno has designed its own items. Usually, as you know, we make the designs and then print on american apparel. I brought up the idea of actually making garments that really fit, than no one else had, and that were 100% S+B. I love this shirt. The sleeves are super long, and the tunic is long enough to wear over leggings for everyday, or for over booty shorts in contemporary class. Mostly I am in love with the fact that it is my OWN handwriting, and my own words. It is a little piece of my blog for everyone to have. Super special. :) what do you think?

If you like my blog, my writing or me with a smile on my face, I would love it if you went on over to twitter and told @ByrdLeavell3. He is my dream book agent and he doesn't know I am alive.

Second of all today is the first time in
one thousand
two hundred
and sixty six days

that I have been inside a moment and the thought "this is so right" has come into my head. Just like words streaming across the front of my mind.

This. Is. So. Right.