Friday, June 10, 2011

temporary bliss.

someone once said to me. Do not fret, this is only temporary. I think this is the single best piece of advice I have gotten all year. I get so passionate and emotional so much of the time. Little insignificant things will fill up my Psyche and I will obsess over them until the point of tears. I swear if I have a nickel for all the times I was convinced the world was ending I would be driving a way sweeter car. I think myself into these bubbles and have a really hard time understanding that everything in life is only temporary.
The way we feel.
Our surroundings.
Our situations.

It really is a new day at each and every sunrise.

That friend that hates you right now.
That boy who has no idea you are alive.
That empty wallet of yours

Is only temporary! Doesn’t that make it so much better!?