Monday, June 13, 2011

hey weird girl!

Your guts are your guts and when they talk to you, you should listen.

There are so few things in the world that are REALLY yours, your skin, your hair, your underwear. Most of us rent shelter, have car payments and eat food prepared by someone else. Really, your feelings have to be one of your most prized possessions.

Sometimes my feelings make me act like a whiny little baby.
Sometimes my feelings get me so high that I cannot help but skip, sing at the top of my lungs and drink 14 diet cokes in one day.

Feelings are hard to understand but I always try to remember this:

(IF I have had enough sleep...because me without sleep is the exception to this rule)

If there wasn't a reason to feel hurt, you wouldn't feel hurt.
If there wasn't a reason to feel weird, you wouldn't feel weird.

These questions should not be allowed:
"should I be feeling this way?"
"am I just being stupid?"

What you feel is really in essence, who you are. So, just know that whatever happiness or loneliness you are feeling right now is preparing you for something really important. We have to believe that. You kinda have to be able to look at life and acknowledge all the good stuff, all the messy stuff and all the weird stuff and somehow sort out that you still actually like yourself and that your entire life is not a tragic waste. There is no reason to ever feel "weird" because if you are feeling then you are living!