Sunday, June 12, 2011

In was reading “Don’t Sleep with your Drummer” by Jen Sincero last week and she had the best line. “ Being in denial is a lot harder when someone else has witnessed the truth” SO true right? I’ve been in that situation so many times. Especially in relationships. People would (most spagatti) tell me that someone was bad news and I would choose not to admit it. My guts knew it. The girls he had invited on the tour bus and impress with “she’s not my girlfriend” lines knew it. But, I wanted to stay in denial. It is a much safer place to stay. We work so hard to create these picture perfect magical lives and when they do not turn out the way we think they should, and after SO much work, it is really hard to throw in the towel and admit defeat. Sometimes for me, it was a mix of wanting things to work and not wanting to fail at something. It’s really hard to be bad at love. Movies and tv shows make love look pretty easy, most of my friends have found totally contented love that thrives. It is embarrassing to me to fail once, at anything. I failed more than two hands can hold at love. Sometimes, even when you know things are not working you do not want to admit defeat.

But Jenn is right.

You cannot deny something when everyone else has already seen the truth!