Friday, April 8, 2011

Guest blogger: Abbie Reetz

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Introducing: Abbie Reetz!

I’m Abbie. I’m currently a college sophomore in a small town somewhere in the Midwestern United States. I wish I could live in a Harry Potter book, love all things chocolate, and swoon over anything acoustic.

I also have a secret power. Well, two secret powers. Streetlights have a tendency to turn off as I walk under them, so my friends believe I can manipulate light, but that isn’t the important one. I have a secret talent for attracting perfectly nice guys that I’m just not interested in. During my first two months at college, I got hit on by someone new just about every week, which is ridiculous because that was more than the total number of guys who hit on me in all four years of high school. It got to the overwhelming point that I even made a list of Secrets To Charming Boys (Especially The Kind You’re Not Interested In). (link:

Because of these experiences, I have come up with a list of Things Not To Do If You Like Someone. Because no one wants the person they like to refer to them as “That creepy guy/girl.”

Things Not To Do If You Like Someone:

1.) Assume one conversation means you are in a relationship. I know when you get swept up in the new, happy feelings of being in like with someone, you can get kind of carried away. But don’t think that one late-night Facebook chat with your future soul-mate means that…well…they’re your soul-mate. Even if you have a great conversation, it is not permission to stalk them, text them 24/7, or start PhotoShopping your pictures together to figure out what your future kids will look like.

2.) Ask them out, regardless of the current circumstances. If you like someone and you’ve been hanging out and they’ve been giving you that “I’m-into-you-please-love-me” vibe, ask them out. Go for it. Why not? Just pick your timing carefully. Try to avoid times when they are rushed or with other people. One guy I met decided to ask me out after we’d been hanging out for a week. He wasn’t a bad guy, but he asked me while I was rushing to prepare for a soccer game. And my roommate was sitting two feet away. And he prefaced the whole thing by saying, “This is going to be awkward with your roommate right there, but…” which obviously just made it more awkward. My response was “Maybe”, which leads me to how you shouldn’t…

3.) Get mad at them for their answer. I gave him a “Maybe” because I had no time to think and I honestly didn’t know him that well. He was not happy. He sent me angry text after angry text telling me how he put his feelings on the line and how I just stomped all over them and how he didn’t understand why I didn’t want to just jump into a relationship with a near-stranger. The whole thing was loaded with immaturity. So, if you don’t get the answer you want, be gracious. If they give you a maybe, hear them out and try to do what you can to make them change their mind. If they give you a no, be respectful and back off.

4.) Tell them how your friends think you’re perfect for each other. Because nothing is quite as off-putting as knowing that someone’s entire collection of friends knows enough about you to judge how great of a match you would be when you’ve never even met any of them.

5.) Never make a move. Nothing is quite as frustrating as when someone is super flirty with you and you kind of like them, but they never give you any reason to think that they want anything more than just to flirt (and consequentially mess with your head). Unless you’re into the whole playing-games-with-someone thing, let them know that you’re interested. There’s no reason not to.

Pretty much, just don’t do things that would freak you out or bother you if someone were doing them to you. Which makes sense. That whole “Golden Rule” thing applies to a lot. I mean, you wouldn’t want anyone to think you were a creep, so you don’t act like a creep. You wouldn’t want anyone to think you’re a chainsaw murderer, so you leave your chainsaw and hockey mask in your garage instead of carrying/wearing them around all the time. It’s just common sense!

For anyone who’s curious, eventually one of the nice guys who liked me convinced me that he was worth my time (after I gave him a “Maybe” and he said, “I can handle that,” and proceeded to be the sweetest boy ever) and we’ve been dating for the past five months.

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