Tuesday, April 12, 2011

and in the end you'll have your best friend.

This is the kind of song that if you have recently had your heart broken, you might think is the worst song known, ever.

This is the kind of song that if you are madly, sweetly, blindingly, passionately, head over tap shoes in love, might send giant smile from heart to lips.

Sometimes I look back to times in 2005, 2006, 2009 and wonder how I could have been so low, how I could have let someone hurt me so badly, just how badly a heart can break. But I wouldn't trade it in, although, I wish I knew know what I knew then (cliche alert!) It is so easy to say you are in love. After days, weeks, one magical date, one magical kiss- but I am pretty sure that love, real love, involves two people laying in bed together for the first time in busy weeks and confessing their hope to die first, knowing that many years from now, even if they love eachother endlessly, with all that they have- at some point their heart will be empty.

I have also walked through the fire enough to know that some sort of giant let down is at the end of this tunnel of love. Maybe another broken heart, or maybe we last for what feels like forever and...he dies first.

Nothing is forever, so you better love him or her with every heartbeat you have right now.

I do.