Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sitting listening to "lovestrong" by Christina Perri all the way through. Benefit of being in the circle of trust. It's amazing. I am so inspired.

I got some good advice advice today that I wanted to pass on.

Just Stop.

I know. Easy right? Seems that way. I think sometimes we get so used to seeing things and reacting to things based on what we see through our tiny little personal lenses. But, think for a minute ALL the millions, gazillions of things that make up one person. Think of all the things that YOU have been through that effect the way you think and feel. It's very personal. There just is no black and white when it comes to feelings. We get in trouble when we hear or see something we do not like, and then instantly throw our reaction back out into the world (this is the stuff that makes up 99% of reality television) without STOPPING.

I guarantee if you stop for a second and look through the bigger lens for the bigger picture, you will react differently. After all, we are all fighting the same fight. Trying to keep our heads above water, have people like us, survive and actually enjoy ourselves.

Contrary to what your tiny lens might try to make you believe, people are not out to get you, hurt you, or upset you in any way (most of the time, and if they are then to heck with them!) People are just trying to do the things they have to do in order to make sure all of their own realities are in sync.

So the next time something upsets you, confuses you or hurts you.


Look at life through the wide lens.

I can honestly say, anytime I have ever given an instant reaction to ANYTHING I have always regretted it.