Tuesday, March 22, 2011

losing your mind for the sake of your heart.


I realize my blogging skills have been less than stellar lately, so thanks for sticking it out with me. A few things have been putting a block in my writing mind frame, one of them is that I am using all my brain thoughts to write the most epic treatment of all time for what might just (with a bunch of hard work, and a certain amount of luck) the best new tv show in the universe. The problem is of course, that I am trying to sum up a book into two pages, a life into two pages and a message into those two pages too...how do people do that?

How do we simplify the complex structure of our hearts and dreams? It is proving to be pretty difficult. Le Sigh.

Heard I was getting some flack on the inter webs for quoting some band lyrics.

Bottom line, we are what we do with our once in a lifetime chances. I cannot stand people who have no idea of just how lucky they are. I know what I did with my life after that break-up and I cannot hide that I am proud of my former friends for picking up their own pieces, in whatever place they wanted to and the moving on. Making art, for the most part should be really wonderful, because what is the point of all the rejection, false friends and bullshit if you are not getting to create things you are really proud of?

I am pretty sure that there was nothing more magical than being in the room with that dreamer as he wrote music. I was there once, I felt that magic. Even though years later most of the time my thoughts go to "what was i thinking?!" There were a whole bunch of other people that got to become addicted to that brilliance too, but to be honest, there was nothing worse than being the the room with him the rest of the time. I have never met a better liar. I cannot help but feel a little hopeful to those of us who survived and decided that we would let the people who wanted to sink ships, sink themselves and not us! To me, records, time stamps and weddings are just signs of what I knew all along, people are only as important as the importance we place upon them.

Most humans, myself included are pretty dull beings, but we seem to place some sort of godlike standard on some "special" people. Then we are disappointed when we are disappointed with them? That's not fair, people are just people. It is our own job to make sure that our own hearts are taken care of and we are living our own lives, and not in some dream world we created in our minds.

That guy you like, he is only cool because you like him. If you didn't he would just be some dude you avoid eye contact with on the street.
Same with whatever shirt, shoes, car or other consumer item that you are constantly lusting after, your lust is what makes it gorgeous.

There is so much space between acting crazy and losing your mind.
Some of us are better that it than others.

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