Sunday, February 6, 2011

You say, I only hear what I want to.

I wrote you a letter, but I decided to tear it up into little tiny bits and sprinkle it over my granola this morning. I ate up all those words that I will never say, because once I say them, this will all be real, and anything real is scary, because having someone could one day become losing someone, and I have lost enough to know that I am a very bad loser. If you want to read those words, you will have to pick apart my insides, and braver men than you have failed.

Welcome to: the weight of importance we now put on each other. We've both been burned enough to know that these precious things that we have discovered within each others minds are so very, very fragile. Be careful not to break me and I will not break you.

Sometimes I wonder how much a heart can hold, and if, loving too much might be the reason hearts get heavy.

Maybe having a heavy heart full of love is the gravity that makes the simplest things with you,


I would give you my whole heart, if I had a whole heart to give.

but I won't ever tell you.