Friday, February 4, 2011

She collects Tear drops.

Things I have learned:

-Totally okay to cry, on national tv, to your friends, by yourself when the USPS website makes it really hard to mail things. My very smart friend C. Perri said to me "don't have a breakDOWN have a breakTHROUGH" I have learned more from the tears then I ever did from the easy stuff.

-Someone else's version of "perfect" most likely looks nothing like your own version of perfect. That is what makes life interesting. Find the perfections in the imperfect nature of yourself, others + the universe. Life is more fun through a crooked lens.

-Totally okay to not kiss boys on first dates. The ones who will wait for you, are the ones you should wait for. You should be insanely proud of your own integrity + values, whatever they may be.

-Those YSL 4 inch heels were totally worth it.