Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today I heard a song line that went "everything is magical until it becomes routine".

So true right? 5 years ago I would have died to have the kind of week I had dancing with Beyonce!! Swoon drove all the way to vegas just to sit in the crowd an cheer me on! All good things right?

But it didn't feel magical. It just felt normal. That's how I feel in my heart too. So weird isn't it? To just want someone so normal for so long and then not be able to take anything from it because it feels so good all the time?

Falling in love is the single best feeling on the planet. You cannot get enough of someone. Your eyes twinkle when they meet eachothers. He's perfect. He's kind. He really cares about you. But for some reason I have such a hard time even appreciating that because my mind is set that all really good things should be really, really hard.

I think it is so pathetic that I feel the most alive + inspired when I am hurting.
Shouldn't it be the other way around?