Monday, November 21, 2011

my AMA day!


One thing I learned last night, that I wanted to pass along is that we see all these stars, and think in our heads that they are so untouchable, or that they possess something so much more special then any of us have, or that they have a kind of beauty that we could never posses. The closer I get to these people the more I realize that it is all smoke and mirrors. Anyone can look that amazing with a glam squad, and anyone (yes even me) can walk on a red carpet in a cute dress if they have the right team behind them. So, the next time you look t an US weekly, or a People magazine and feel jealous that j.lo always has perfect hair, remember J.Lo can't go to the store in her sweatpants without makeup. EVER. She can never just be herself....she always has to be 'J.lo" yikes, that seems like ALOT of work! Be happy to be you!

You can check out my AMA outfit here!