Tuesday, August 23, 2011

living louder.

a little musical story.

I once met a band of little boys. Those little boys signed a record deal, made a record, toured and never saw the success they deserved.

Then, no one knew what to do with them. So they wrote songs, for 3 years. Every song they turned in didn't sound like what the "safe" choice would have been, and so they were denied.

After a while, they had some break-ups, with managers and labels and I sat with my friends while they contemplated giving up totally. I decided that they might need some advice so I hooked them up with lunch with a guy i knew who was a music manager for a big company. They had lunch, and seemingly left even more defeated.

Eventually, that guy became their manager, they took all their own money and they made the record THEY believed in. The day it was released it took over the itunes charts without the help of a label, a fancy PR company or a million dollars. All they used was their songs and their amazing fanbase.

This is a story so inspiring, that it makes me cry. I will never forget this day. I will never forget what it feels like when the good guys win.

I am so proud.

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