Friday, August 12, 2011

Last night I got the chance to go to the troubadour and watch Christina Perri play. 3 amazing things happened.

first, she was amazing, gave me a shout out before jar of hearts, and made me more proud then ever. running up to her after the show and hearing "hi, best friend, I miss you" was the best thing ever. What weird about when one of you friends becomes an overnight sensation, is that in order to be a sensation, they don't really have time to be around anymore. It's been a hard year for me that way. To get used to LA without CP living underneath me. Not having my #1 around everyday like before. But, I guess that friendships really are like relationships in that, you just have to love someone, through the good and the bad and the close and the far. It won't always feel awesome but I think that sometimes the love that friends share is so special and what might tear apart lovers can never mess with a friendship.

secondly, I saw Rocker last night. I cannot remember the last time I saw him. Maybe 8 years ago? I couldn't look him in the eye but it was so nice to hug him and meet his lovely wife. Weird, how sometimes everything ends up just where it should be. When i was with rocker I was CONVINCED that he was the guy for me, and seeing him and his wife last night, made it really clear to me that that just wasn't the case. They are perfect together.

The third thing that happened was that i realized that my "perfect together" was there too. When Cp played "arms" and swoon stuck his around me, I couldn't help but think of how cool it was gonna be when Christina sang it for us at our wedding. It's just the perfect song for our story. i am crazy. He is calm. And he loves me anyways. I try to run everyday. I cry over stupid things. I obsess and he just rolls right along thinking I am the cats meow.

The most perfect moment was when we got home and I rolled over and said "Isn't it gonna be so cool when CP plays Arms at our wedding?" and he answered "I was totally thinking about that when she played that too!"

Bottom line: everyone is perfect for somebody. But we are not always perfect for who we this we should be perfect for. Love will find you. In the places you are not looking. Love is gonna find the people who broke your heart too, and you should want that for them. We all deserve happiness and once you find your own "meant to be" you won't feel so horrible about your "not meant to be's" loving someone else. Trust me.

you put your arms around me and I'm home.