Monday, July 18, 2011

I saw Midnight in Paris the other night. I have to admit it messed up my insides. People said that it made them happy and hopeful about love. I felt the opposite. It made me terribly sad.

I wrote this after I saw the show:

Paris for me, is the reminder of love. Paris is the city of love. It was impossible to not have the movie pull on your heart strings. Paris to me represents, the kind of love the seems more special because you know it won't ever last. It can't possibly last. Love like that only exists on short vacations to Paris and tiny little places in your mind. Somehow memory changes everything that was wrong, into everything that is right. I guess that is why the last person who broke your heart, will always be the one that messed you up the most. Our minds have this uncanny ability to rewrite everything that was. Fear turns into fearlessness. The end is the beginning. Lovers are never realists. We cannot ever see the truth with our hearts. We can only see what we want to see. Paris to me, isn't real. Paris represents every romantic moment of my life and how fleeting that "perfection" is.